BLT Report #10 – DQ Build Log #2

This is build log #2 of the new STNET – DQ generation. In this edition we planned to release the first concept images of the new design. Only the team had a big setback when this design was rejected by the F.Productions final decision team a few days ago.

This will mean the following changes to the release schedule for STNET – DQ:

  • Final release date will be set back from Summer 2014 to Winter 2014
  • Original we planned a closed BETA test release for STNET – DQ (closed BETA: bringing the site to the public when it’s completely finished). Now due to this delay, STNET – DQ will be launched as soon as the basic functions are ready. Testing an adding extra functions will be rolled out when they are ready.

The new design will still be based on the LCARS computer design created by scenic art supervisor and technical consultant Michael Okuda.

As mentioned earlier in this BLT Report, the current design was rejected. But we did get an approval on releasing 1 design image to our viewers.

Added to this article, you can find the rejected concept image of the home-page. Here you can see that we tried to balance the LCARS features with the actual content as clean as possible. As fans also may see, we used the LCARS style as a template and build our own spin-off interface version.

This is the direction we like to follow for STNET – DQ. The new design will also be true to the following statement:

This new design will be filled with only Star Trek Voyager content. By limiting the range of content that STNET – Project V has/had, we are specializing ourselves more to the Voyager side of Star Trek. The STNET team is a fan of all the Star Trek series/movies, don’t get the team wrong on this. But the Voyager series has 1% more support by the team than other Star Trek content.

This is all the information that we can share at this moment.

SEND IN YOUR IDEAS: If you (as our viewers) have any ideas about the design or other comments. Please send them to us! This can be done by the contact form. Many thanks from the team.

This is all the information for this BLT Report. Just keep the BLT reports on your radar. All the information about the website rebuild will be released in these BLT Reports.

In active development:

  • Rebuild Website
  • Return of “Star Trek Voyager – Weekly Picture”

In pre-development:

  • Windows 8.1 App

In concept consideration:

  • Currently no considerations going on.