F.Productions and STNET – Status Update

As our visitor, you might have known of our communication silence in the past few months. This happened on the F.Productions site and on the STNET website.

With this message we would like to break the communication silence, to inform all of our visitors about the status of F.Productions (incl. STNET).

As the CEO of F.Productions, the past couple of months where not easy. Many things changed in my personal live and this will continue in the upcoming months. F.Productions as a company is going true a change. I would like to think that change is good, even the road to change is difficult.

Currently we are refocussing F.Productions into an new image. This also means that all future plans for STNET are in hold. With pain in our hearts, we have to announce the freeze of all STNET plans and projects. STNET – DQ will be delayed or possibly canceled. STNET – Project V will still be online, but not updated anymore so that our collected information will still be available to our guests.

In the second half of 2015 we will make new plans for STNET. It’s currently unknown how we want to continue with STNET. Our current strategy is not working, and the plans for STNET – DQ are also not solid. Ideas on this topic are always welcome by way of the contact forms. Or by direct e-mail: info[at]fproductions.net.

The first point on our agenda is the release of the new F.Productions website and image. This is planned for release in the first half of 2015.

We know that this news release is not the release that all our visitors and supporters wanted to read. All info aside, F.Productions is still alive but only working on a slower tempo than before.

Never the less, the complete F.Productions team wants to wish all our visitors, supporters and partners a great and wonderful Christmas! Also best wishes for 2015!