Supplement 01 – Mission Drydock

Captains Log: February 4th 2017. Finally, it’s here. The first update to STNET after the launch almost a year ago, and a lot has changed.

My crew has worked hard to complete this update to our systems and this is only the start. More improvements are coming in the near future.

But first, let’s start explaining the changes that we have done in Supplement 01, codenamed: Mission Drydock.

– Under the hood, we completely upgraded the system engine where the website is running on. Upgraded to be a more device and user friendly eco system (desktop, tablet and mobile). This is still an ongoing update process. More improvements are coming in future updates.

– We completely changed the Home-page. From being a minimal search page, to a Star Trek information portal. Here you can still search for Star Trek related content (thanks to DuckDuckGo) but also the latest Star Trek news is listed here from our 3 main sources.

– We launched the Database section. Here you can find information about different Star Trek related topics.

– And we also launched our first articles in the Database. More articles to come in future updates.

Most of the work that we have done the past year is improving the foundation of the website. Things that are under the hood and not directly visible to the users. This is coming in the following updates.

This is also the reason why we are still in Drydock. By the next update, we are ready to make the maiden voyage into space.

End Log.