Ex Astris Scientia

The EAE Award goes to STNET, which can be described as an old-fashioned Trek site in the best sense. It is a true fan’s work in content and style, of a kind that has become very rare in our time when, for reasons I don’t understand, the attention of the internet audience has shifted away to undistinctive Facebook pages. It is not immediately obvious what STNET is about, but this is not to the site’s disadvantage. The focus is on Voyager and on STO, but there are other features as well, such as a homage to the Space Shuttle program or an operational reconstruction of the very first website dedicated to Star Trek Voyager, dated 1995. The site’s structure is exemplary, as it neither pretends to be a complete encyclopedia of everything, nor presents unsorted content as it is the case with most blogs. All this comes with a sophisticated and attractive user interface that is constantly being improved. There are a few things about the look of STNET that I would love to have at EAS too.