Final Frontier Media

Hereby I send you the Final Frontier Media Award – Battle for Excellence for your website. I’ve visited your website several times the past few weeks. Based at everything I’ve seen you get this award.


  • Sublime design
  • Lots of Content
  • Original Content (mini-sites; Voyager 95; ST Online)
  • Great Ambiance


  • About page does crazy things when scrolling
  • Location of content in menu
  • Small typo’s

Battle for Excellence is all about having the perfect website. Not just be good at one thing, but everything must be of top quality. I know STNET now for several years and nothing is done quickly. You can clearly see the overall quality of your website. There are only a few of this remarkable websites left on the internet. Be proud of it.

All together it’s a wonderful website and belongs to the top of Star Trek Websites. I hope you can appreciate my comments. Enjoy the award. Keep on the good work.