Interceptor Class

The U.S.S. Interceptor or NX 77197 is a prototype patrol combat interceptor. It is a 190 meters and a crew capacity of 84 and with an evacuation limit of 300 crew including personnel. The construction area was Binford Shipyards in orbit of Neptune

This ship features a state of the art computer system, M-16 Bio-Neural Gelpack Isolinear III Processor based on the systems of the Intrepid class.

The standard mission length of this vessel is 3 years with a recommended yard overall at 7 years. The warp propulsion was provided by Lockhead Martin Y-24 Advanced Linear Warp Drive Units. This gave the craft a cruising velocity of warp 6.5 and a maximum emergency velocity of warp 9.98 for 12 hours.

The warp nacelles are mounted on pivoting struts, based on the Intrepid class meninism. And have high performance warp coils. They work on a 120% efficiency the only drawback is that they burn out faster than regular warp coils.

A unique feature of this design include 2 eject ports at the underside of the secondary hull. One for the antimatter storage and one for the warpcore reactor itself. Both of these are plug and play units and as a result they can be retrieved and replaced more efficiency should this be needed.

The impulse engine layout consists of 2 FIG-4 Subatomic Unified Energy Impulse Units. And made the ship nearly as maneuverable as the Defaint class despite the compacted spaceframe.

The tactical systems of this class include 11 Type 10 Phaser Arrays Colums, with the same output als the Intrepid class vessels. 2 Type 9 Pulse Phaser Cannons and 1 Fore, 1 Aft Mk 95 Direct-Fire Torpedo Launchers. With the forward launcher be a dedicated Quantum Torpedo Lancer in most instances.

The ship has a surprising more torpedo storage capacity, 25% more than the equal Nova class ships. The defense systems are provided by a FSS Advanced Regenerative Force Field and Deflector Control System, supplemented by Mithril Class Ablative Hull Armour. The ship is designed to be the meaner battle ready cousin of the Nova class caused by the developments at Wolf 359.

However the design of the Interceptor class was sidelined, due to some internal resistance of the Federation council for years. Until the first signs of an upcoming war with the Dominion, due to the fact that the Federation needed more ships to defend its boarders. Also the projects was fast tract to supply the fleet as fast as possible.

The same design team of the Intrepid Class worked on the development of the Interceptor class, this is showed by the resemblance of these 2 classes of ships. Due to the takeover of Deep Space Nine and the Breen taking the side of the Dominion, delivery of these ships where a must.

The Interceptor design was approved for production, so the first 3 builds where rushed to completion resulting in a ship completion of only 85% per ship. The first 3 ships where named the: U.S.S. Interceptor, U.S.S. Firefly and the U.S.S. Stingray.

Many of the features where not included or finished at launch, so these first 3 had many ability failures and where not preforming on their design specs. This resulted in the crews living for a few months on emergency rations for a few months until the ship bugs where ironed out.

2 more ships, the U.S.S. Protector and U.S.S. Buckeneer where also launched a few months after the original 3 ships. At this time most of the minor problems where worked out on the original 3 launched vessels.

After 5 ships the Interceptor class became a real success, due to its fast construction time and low costs. And considering that she easily can handle a ship twice her size in battle, the Interceptor class did get a strong reputation at the enemy.

This ship also had an outstanding maneuvering capability compared to same size ships. Due to its state of the art new style high performance thrusters. This greatly reduces the turns radius and greatly improved her overall thruster speed.

However, this was a purpose build ship. So the Interceptor class had a very limited science capacity. With a minimal of special scan equipment and no official science labs, the Interceptor class is more for battle then for science. The Interceptor class is listed as a “fast-response-vessel” and is mostly used as an escort ship to protect the Galaxy-class size vessels in battle.

The shuttle bay on this class is in comparison with other same size vessels, substantially bigger. The standard shuttle compliment consists of 1 Orion Class Shuttlecraft, 2 Type 19 Shuttlepods, 2 Work Bee General Utility Craft and 1 Morpheus-class Runabout, A mission specific shuttlecraft can be added, to enhance its normal minimal science ability’s.

A other feature that made this ship somewhat science ready, is the inclusion of landing-legs and atmospheric flight. This made planetary study very easy, see that the crew can scan plants and other features by hand of portable equipment.

The ship consist of 9 decks, with an internal crew configuration like the Defaint class vessels. Corridors have the same layout as you can find on the Intrepid Class vessels. The ship has also 2 small holo-decks, 1 Mess-hall and 4 extra large VIP quarters for guests traveling along.

The Interceptor features a small bridge with display controls that can be configured on-the-fly for mission specific purposes. The layout and color of the bridge is an interesting blend of the Intrepid and Sovereign class bridge.

After the Dominion war, many of this ships where assigned to border petrol or escort mission. Other ships where assigned to support the larger ships in defending the Federation.

A few years later a Refit version of the Intrepid class was released, this version included 2 forward Quantum Torpedo Launchers (instead of 1), Improved scientific labs and sensors and a more beefed up deflector array and armor plating. Making it the next “next” battle ready supporter ships.

Type: Patrol Combatant
Construction Facility: Binford Shipyards, Neptune, Sol Sector
Crew Complement: 84
Maximum evacuation capacity: 300

Cruising Velocity: Warp Factor 6.5
Maximum Velocity: Warp Factor 9.98

Standard Mission: 3 Years
Recommended Yard Overhaul: 7 Years

Propulsion Systems:
Warp: (2) Lockhead Martin Y-24 Advanced Linear Warp Drive Units
Impulse: (2) FIG-4 Subatomic Unified Energy Impulse Units

Tactical Systems:
1 Type X Collimated Phaser Arrays
2 Type IX Pulse Phaser Cannons
1 Fore, 1 Aft Mk 95 Direct-Fire Torpedo Launchers
FSS Advanced Regenerative Force Field and Deflector Control System
Mithril Class Ablative Hull Armour

Primary Computer System:
M-16 Bio-Neural Gelpack Isolinear III Processor

Embark Craft (Typical):
1 Orion Class Shuttlecraft
2 Type 19 Shuttlepods
2 Work Bee General Utility Craft
1 Morpheus-class Runabout