Final Frontier Media Acquisition

As of October 28th 2018, Final Frontier Media has become a part of the W-Bench family. The original owner (Sebastiaan van Mierlo) and STNET came to an agreement to take over Final Frontier Media and all of it’s content.

We like to keep the website future-proof, but this meant that we had to build a new Final Frontier Media website. With a future-proof site like STNET, we are combining both sites to one source.

We are currently transferring all the Final Frontier Media content to the STNET Database, so you (as Star Trek fan) can still enjoy all of these Star Trek Themed Music Video’s.
This content is (mostly) listed under the “Media” section of STNET.

From everyone at W-Bench, we like to thank Sebastiaan for all of his passion and work that he has done with Final Frontier Media. Unfortunately, Final Frontier Media will stop as a separate brand. But it will continue under the STNET label!

Final Frontier Media Final Statistics:
As of the last update on August 6th 2016, Final Frontier Media counted 542 Music Video’s with a total of 22,5 GB of storage used.